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Weed Control : Pre-emergence Control Post Treatments (killing Existing Weeds) Six Month Control Guarantee 

Weeds growing in gravel are difficult to remove, let alone control. Of course, some weeds can be hand removed, but often they will return with a vengeance and in greater numbers. Pulling those weeds that are just about to bloom will aid in reducing the number by preventing the plant from going to seed.


General Information

Pre-emergent herbicides are chemicals that George Pest Control applies as a liquid to rock or dirt areas to prevent weed growth. Post-emergent herbicides are chemicals that kill broad-leaf weeds and grasses.

George Pest Control applies all weed chemicals with water. We guarantee to kill most weeds that occur within the 6  month period at no charge. We use and apply chemicals only according to manufacturers instructions. If you are currently landscaping your yard, it’s best to spray after all the landscaping is finished. 

Even though most weeds can be handpicked, it is not necessary if the weeds are small and scattered. However, if they are large and numerous and cover the ground, it is best to clean them up after  48 ours of spraying. We understand how important your pets are to you, so we recommend that pets remain off the treated areas until fully dry. The chemical labels instruct between 30-90 minutes. 

When you see weed problems and/or just prior to the season for the specifically targeted weeds call us at George Pest Control to make an appointment for pre-emergent herbicide application or if you need an estimate prior to spraying, we can do that as well.

Because it will depend on size and area needing to be treated have a general idea of how big your yard is.


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